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Balmoral wall panels with ornamental beading add a taste of Jacobean luxury to the modern home. Unapologetically decorative, these gorgeous panels bring a sense of elegance and grace to a room. Balmoral panels work equally well in contrast or complement to any style of décor. KEY FEATURES: ▪ ..
Our Hampton white-primed wall panels recall the fresh simplicity of Edwardian décor, characterised by cleanliness and uncluttered space. With their classic, sophisticated style, the Hampton panels are perfect for any modern home. KEY FEATURES: ▪ White-primed and ready to be painted any colou..
Deanta’s water-resistant Madingley wall panels, trimmed with curved, rebated beading, set off Tudor practicality against sleek, contemporary fixtures. The panels come white-primed, so you can paint them any colour you choose. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and conservatories. KEY FEATURES: ▪ ..
Deanta’s white-primed Shaker wall panels are characterised by clean lines and simplicity. Versatility and minimalist design give the panels a sense of functional elegance. A modern take on wall panelling, Shaker panels can be customised to any style – from regular and conventional to funky and errat..
Customise your wall panelling by adding the Bullnose Moulding to get a stylised finish for your space and transform the Balmoral and Hampton panelling into a true feature wall. KEY FEATURES: ▪ White-primed and ready to be painted any colour you choose ▪ Introduce new elements of style i..
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