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Immerse Acoustic

Beautifully finished black panels, laid over dark sound-absorbing felt, bring a sense of chic sobriety to a room. Barely distinguishable against the dark sound-absorbing felt backing, these black acoustic panels add depth and texture to your walls. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Prefinished in Black ▪ ..
Dark Grey Ash veneers very subtly contrast with the black felt backing in our panels, creating a rippling textured surface. Create a feature wall or use a single panel as a design statement. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Crown Cur American Dark Grey Prefinished Ash ▪ 27mm Wide Slats ▪ Sound-abso..
The soft, smoky tones and subtle grain patterns of light-grey ash veneer are a beautiful complement to the on-trend muted décor that’s popular with many contemporary home owners. Light-grey ash veneer is gentle on the eye, adding a sense of calm fluidity to a home. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Crown Cut ..
The trend for dark rich blues in interior decorating shows no signs of abating. Our Midnight Blue panelling is a calm and restful blue with inky undertones inspired by the night sky. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Prefinished in Midnight Blue ▪ 27mm Wide Slats ▪ Sound-absorbing black felt backing..
The warm tones and pronounced grain patterns of oak veneer bring a timeless quality to a home. Loved for its longevity and constancy, oak is a cultural icon – a reliable building material and universal style. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Crown Cut American White Prefinished Oak ▪ 27mm Wide Slats ..
The New Immerse Oak plus panelling takes the beauty of our hand selected crown cut American Oak veneers to a new level. Wider strips allow the beauty of the natural grain patterns to shine through. Wrap your room in luxury. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Crown Cut American White Prefinished Oak ▪ 47m..
The rich brown tones and long, complex grain patterns of crown-cut walnut veneer evoke an air of dignity and quiet opulence. Set off against the dark felt backing, walnut acoustic wall panels bring a touch of sophistication to an interior space. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Crown Cut American Black Prefi..
The new plus range adds a touch of indulgence to our Immerse panelling range. With wider walnut strips, fully wrapped in the same carefully selected crown cut veneers as we use for our doors, this panelling creates an air of quiet, understated luxury. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Crown Cut American Black..
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