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Our modern bathroom locks provide the perfect finishing touch for your pocket door. The Set includes a handle with integral Thumbturn, a quality locking mechanism specifically designed for use with a pocket door finger pulls. KEY FEATURES: ▪ External Diameter 57 mm Ø ▪ High quality loc..
Our modern round handles provide a simple and elegant flush finish for your pocket door. The Set includes two handles to cover both sides of your doors. KEY FEATURES: ▪ External Diameter 57 mm Ø ▪ Suitable for 35mm and 40mm doors ▪ Handle with emergency coin release..
Our soft closer will inhibit the doors in our pocket systems from slamming shut, stopping excess noise and possible harm to the doors. On closing, the mechanism will reduce the speed and softly close your doors. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Simply slide the door towards closing and the door takes over a..
This system allows the opening and closing of the two doors to be linked, as you open or close one door within our Double Pocket Door System, the other mirrors the movement, creating balance and a more aesthetically pleasing installation. KEY FEATURES: ▪ For double pocket door kit systems ..
Set into the door for a low profile, stylish and neat finish for your pocket door system. Popular in modern and classic homes. KEY FEATURES: ▪ Easy to Fit ▪ Dimensions: 120*40*13mm ▪ Not suitable with the Dalston door range..
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