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Door Stops

Designed for concrete or solid floors, this anti-corrosive cylinder doorstop acts as a buffer to prevent walls and doors from being damaged.KEY FEATURES: ▪ Floor Mounted ▪ Height 40mmPack Contents: Cylinder Door Stop (1), Floor Bolt (1), Rubber ring buffer (protects the paintwork ..
A wall-mounted stainless steel doorstop with rubber stop, is perfect for protecting walls and doors from damage.KEY FEATURES: ▪ Floor & Door Mounted ▪ Height 40mmPack Contents: Door Stop (1), Rawl Plug (1) Double Ended Screw (1)..
With two different fixing positions on the magnetic strip, this stainless steel magnetic door holder can be mounted on the floor or wall.KEY FEATURES: ▪ Floor & Door Mounted ▪ Height 40mmPack Contents: Floor Mounted Magnet (1), Door Mounted Plate (1), Rawl Plug (8), Screws (8)..
Permanently attached to the floor by screw fixing, this unobtrusive stainless-steel oval doorstop protects doors and walls from wear and tear.KEY FEATURES: ▪ Floor Mounted ▪ Height 26mmPack Contents: Oval doorstop (1), Rawlplug (1), Screw (1)..
A discreet floor-mounted doorstop, ideal for residential and commercial properties.KEY FEATURES: ▪ Floor Mounted ▪ Height 25mmPack Contents: Door Stop (1), Rawl Plug (1) Screw (1)..
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